Jamie J Quinn

Hi, I’m Jamie Quinn. I’m a software engineer, applied mathematician and fiddle player. Originally from Clydebank, near Glasgow, Scotland, I’m currently based in Bletchley of Bletchley Park!

If you like technical writing on science, technology and particularly simulation software, check out my blog. If you’re interested in fluids dynamics, high-performance computing, numerical methods, GPU programming or simulation, check out my projects. If you like art, I make algorithms that make images I call art. If you are a masochist, maybe check out my driest writing available or even my PhD thesis, Modelling anisotropic viscosity with applications in the solar corona. I also maintain a log of the more interesting presentations I’ve given.

I also play fiddle as part of a duo with my partner Annie. Here’s a recording of one of our (not so recent) gigs at Celtic Connections in Glasgow:

Perhaps you like watching swirly motions, such as the formation of a thermohaline staircase. This particular kind of simulation took days on a large supercomputer 20 years ago. I simulated this in hours on a single GPU using Python: